About us

Bavaria Media Licensing (BML) is a division of Bavaria Media GmbH, a subsidiary of Bavaria Film GmbH.

BML has been operating since 1983 with extensive experience in the field of children's, entertainment, celebrity and lifestyle brands and is one of the most renowned and successful licensing agencies in Germany.

As a full-service agency, BML not only offers its rights holders and licensees the complete range of services in the licensing sector, but also works with national and international partners. Its core business includes the brokerage of brand cooperations such as PLAYMOBIL x ZARA or Janosch x dm, as well as brand development in German-speaking countries such as Frida Kahlo (nominated as "Celebrity Brand of the Year 2022 & 2023").

Currently, BML represents as a licensing agency brands such as "Frida Kahlo", "Care Bears", "BIG Bobby Car", "Moomin", "OGGY OGGY" and "mdr". It also acts as rights holder for the own and in-house brands "Janosch," "Storm of Love", "Einstein High" and "Das Boot.