Tiger Duck and Co.: Licensing agreement between Bavaria Sonor Licensing and dm

Tue, 5. Apr 2022 Licensing

Geiselgasteig - Bavaria Sonor Licensing (BSL) has signed a new licensing agreement for its "Janosch" brand. Since April 2022, pants featuring cult characters such as Little Tiger, Little Bear and Tiger Duck are available to buy in more than 2.000 dm-stores. The well-known drugstore chain is also selling the "babylove nature Pants" in Janosch design in its dm online store.


babylove is dm's own baby privat label. The limited edition of "babylove nature Pants" will be available in stores for three months. The pants in the "Janosch" design come in 3 sizes and are printed with different motifs. In both the packaging and the "babylove nature Pants," special attention is paid to resource-saving production through the use of recycled material. In addition, unavoidable CO2 emissions during production are offset by supporting climate protection projects, making the "babylove nature Pants" climate neutral.*

Ivica Maracic, Licensing & Sales Director Bavaria Sonor Licensing: "Sustainability and environmental protection have always been important topics in the world of 'Janosch'. The 'babylove nature Pants' line of dm's own brand babylove fits perfectly into the Janosch value-cosmos as a climate-neutral product as well as through environmentally friendly manufacturing."

Bavaria Sonor Licensing (BSL) is a division of Bavaria Media GmbH. The company has been the rights holder of the "Janosch" brand since 2000. Since then, Little Tiger, Little Bear, Günter Box Frog and, of course, the Tiger Duck can be found among other things, on WMF tableware or Spreadshirt clothing, and are conquering the children's rooms of Europe as audio play figures from Tonies or as plush from Heunec.

Further information about the brand "Janosch" can be found in the portfolio of Bavaria Media.


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Bavaria Sonor Licensing (BSL) is a division of Bavaria Media GmbH, a subsidiary of Bavaria Film GmbH. BSL represents brands such as "PLAYMOBIL", "The Smurfs", "Care Bears", "Moomin", "Panini", "Janosch", as well as "Frida Kahlo" and "Bud Spencer" and "Terence Hill".


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*CO2 emissions are subsequently offset by supporting a climate protection project. Made climate neutral by ClimatePartner (ClimatePartner.com/14938-2008-1001)